Hand Rejuvenation

After our faces, our hands probably tell the world the most about us. After all, our hands are always visible. And, as a naturally very expressive feature, we use them to help us communicate. For this reason, people will typically, naturally look at our hands at some point during any conversation. It’s unfortunate then that our hands are just as susceptible to early ageing signs as our face or other parts of our body, especially the backs of our hands. And unlike the face, for example, where we can wear makeup, it can be extremely challenging to mask these symptoms when they appear on the hands. These areas can suffer from a loss of volume or crepey skin which can age us dramatically.

If your hands show signs of these symptoms, however, a hand lift may be the answer. When considering a hand lift, you have two treatment options to consider to return lost volume, rejuvenate the skin and restore the youthful hands you once had. These two treatments — dermal fillers and collagen stimulators — provide two different but effective ways to achieve hand rejuvenation that will counteract both of the symptoms of ageing hands, loss of volume and skin elasticity.

What is a hand lift?

A hand lift is a procedure which treats ageing signs in the hands, which can include hollows in the back of the hands, unsightly hand veins as well as loss of skin elasticity and tone. These symptoms can be treated in one of two ways. A dermal filler, for example, can restore hand volume, providing patients with immediate results and relief of volume loss. For patients who wish to see improvements but may require less rejuvenation, collagen stimulators can effectively improve skin tone and elasticity and restore volume over time.

Hand fillers directly replace lost volume. Collagen stimulators, on the other hand, spur your body’s production of collagen which helps restore the underlying structure and outward appearance of your skin, while also volumizing. While dermal fillers for hands deliver faster results, both methods offer substantial hand rejuvenation to ageing hands. Your doctor can help determine which method of hand rejuvenation is right for you, based on your desired results and the condition of your skin.

What symptoms does a hand lift treat?

A hand lift primarily treats the backs of the hands where loss of volume leads to hollows, and loss of skin tone produces crepey skin which lacks youth and vibrancy. However, you can restore back of hand areas with a hand lift at Kaya Cosmedica. After a hand lift procedure, individuals will enjoy a healthy volumization and firmer, smoother skin in the treated areas. Hand veins can also be improved and made to look less prominent since a hand lift will help volumize these areas, masking the prominence of your hand veins.

What is a hand lift procedure like?

Patients who see Dr Khinda for a hand lift can expect a fast, efficient and safe procedure. Whether you have dermal fillers or collagen stimulators, you can have your treatment done in a quick office visit that can even be performed over your lunch hour. After cleansing the area which will be treated, Dr Khinda will introduce the optimal amount of either dermal filler or collagen stimulator into the treatment area.

Since Dr Khinda uses microcannulas in performing this procedure, unlike needles their blunt tip ensures there is little to no risk of either compound entering the bloodstream. This significantly minimises your risks of treatment. Also, Dr Khinda’s use of microcannulas leads to less swelling and bruising which speeds recovery. After receiving your injections, you can immediately return to whatever your schedule has in store for you.

When will I see the results of my hand lift?

If your hand lift included a dermal filler, you will see immediate results. It may take a day or two for any residual swelling to subside — swelling will be minimal, however — but you will already be able to see your results. If you hand lift included collagen stimulators, your results will take a little longer to develop — usually this takes a few weeks — but as your body produces more collagen, you will notice firmer, tauter and more volumized skin which also will appear younger and better hydrated.

How long will my results last?

The length of results from your hand lift will vary depending on which type of hand lift you have had. In general, however, dermal fillers can produce results which will last anywhere between three and nine months and require periodic touch-ups, while collagen stimulators can produce results which can last much longer while producing results much more slowly.

What can I expect during recovery from a hand lift?

Whether you choose a dermal filler or a collagen stimulator, you will have no downtime from your hand lift treatment. Immediately after your treatment, you will notice greater fullness in the treated areas which may be accompanied by some minor bruising and swelling that will quickly subside. Further, many dermal fillers are formulated with pain relievers, so you remain very comfortable during your treatment, and usually, no additional pain relief will be required afterward. In the case of collagen stimulators, your results will develop very naturally over time and will not affect your daily routine. You may simply enjoy your results.

Does a hand lift have any risks?

A hand lift has minimal risks. Dermal fillers are made from materials which are safe to introduce into the body, and side effects from their use are extremely rare. Dermal fillers primarily consist of hyaluronic acid based compounds. Since hyaluronic acid already naturally occurs in the body, use of hyaluronic acid based products are extremely safe to use to rejuvenate the hands, and they also produce very natural results. Collagen stimulators may also use hyaluronic acid derivatives. Further, the cannulas used during your hand lift make introducing these compounds into your veins highly unlikely, adding to your safety. The net effect for patients is that hand lifts are very safe and also very effective.

Trust Kaya Cosmedica for Your Hand Lift Procedure

Dermal fillers for the hands can restore lost hand volume immediately, especially on the more visible back of the hands, and collagen stimulators can restore skin tone and improve the appearance of your skin naturally and more gradually. And you can have either one of these treatments at Kaya Cosmedica, performed by Dr Parvin Khinda. Dr Khinda will spend ample time with you to help you understand all your options and chose the one that best treats your most pressing skin care concerns.

Dr Khinda epitomises the phrase “patient focussed,” tailoring custom treatments to improve her patient’s skin, restore their confidence and reignite their zest for life. You can explore hand lifts as well as other skin care options at Kaya Cosmedica. Schedule your complimentary, in-person consultation with Dr PK now. You can make your appointment quickly and easily online and start your journey towards beautiful and youthful hands today.

Dr Khinda provides her patients with the personalised care they expect and deserve and the high-quality skin treatments they want. With a cosmetic treatment performed by Dr Khinda at Kaya Cosmedica, you can indeed feel ready for anything again. Get ready to shine with Kaya Cosmedica today.

*Providing accurate information on medical procedures is extremely important to Kaya Cosmedica. All content on this website has been reviewed by Dr Parvin Khinda before being published. For more information on Hand Rejuvenation, please use the contact form below to get in touch.

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