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Your Recipe For Great Skin

Injectables, LED phototherapy, microneedling, microdermabrasion, chemical peels and other advanced skin care procedures are powerful tools in the quest for a better complexion, but achieving and maintaining your best skin requires more than an occasional cosmetic treatment. To maximise the results of these procedures, it is important to maintain a consistent, skin-supporting self-care routine atRead More

How to Pick the Right Skin Care Gifts this Christmas

Looking for the perfect holiday gift — again? Too often when we buy gifts for the people we care about, we end buying things we’re not sure they’ll actually use. In this situation, who wins? You’ve wasted time and money, and your recipients, while they know you care, haven’t really gotten a gift, have they?Read More

Are Anti-Wrinkle Injections the Same as Botox?

Facial wrinkles can be one of the earliest and most troubling signs of the ageing process. Because of the prominence of our faces, they will most likely be the first thing that you notice whenever you see yourself, and that others will notice throughout the day. While women have some options to disguise these symptomsRead More

Intrametica Natural Organic Beauty Supplements

Radiance starts from within. That’s why Kaya Cosmedica now proudly offers you Intrametica’s Nutri-Cosmetic skin supplements and health boosters — a premium range of skincare and nutritional products which use only ethically sourced ingredients. Developed by renowned naturopath Angela Maree Smith, all of Intrametica’s products use the latest information in biomedical research and natural, herbalRead More

Natural Facial Rejuvenation Is Possible

Certain components of a cosmetic procedure are non-negotiable. First and foremost, you expect a safe procedure performed by a doctor who understands your goals and anatomy and who can safely administer your treatment to achieve those results. Another crucial facet of any cosmetic procedure is the quality of your results. How closely does the endRead More

Why Use a Microcannula Instead of a Needle for Dermal Fillers?

You’ve probably chosen to have a dermal filler treatment, in part, because of its safety. As a minimally-invasive treatment, it poses less risk than more invasive surgical options, yet it provides many of the same benefits along with long-lasting results. Those benefits include improvements to lines, folds, and wrinkles and restored volume and youthfulness inRead More

The Importance of Consistent Cosmetic Treatments

Every person’s features are unique. A good cosmetic doctor not only knows this but also honours this. The most experienced physicians will take time to recognise, work with and understand the contours of your face, body and skin — the features that make you unique and beautiful. Any cosmetic procedure should enhance your individuality andRead More

Enzyme Hydropeel vs. Dermafrac

Has your skin seemed lifeless lately — flat, dull, dry and lacking good tone? Are you ready to have great looking skin now? The good news is that today you have many options to choose from to correct problem skin. In fact — among its many skin care offerings — Kaya Cosmedica offers two leading,Read More

What is a Lactic Acid Peel Treatment?

Nothing is more natural than ageing, but its symptoms can go beyond making you look older, but feel older, too. Perhaps, you may have already begun to notice the troubling appearance of sun damage also. You have probably begun to notice the early signs of facial ageing already, such as fine or even moderate lineRead More

What Do Chemical Peels Do?

If you have facial skin concerns but want a minimally invasive procedure with little or no downtime, consider a chemical peel. Chemical peels treat a wide variety of skin concerns including fine lines, sun damage, dull skin, uneven pigmentation, acne scars, and enlarged pores. It also enhances the penetration of topical skin products. Chemical peelsRead More