What Are My Treatment Options for Acne and Acne Scarring?

From over-the-counter cleansers and spot treatments, to powerful prescription medicines and in-office procedures, there are many effective acne treatments today. This does not mean that every solution works for every person who has acne, but it does mean that nearly every case of acne can be controlled when the right treatment approach is found. ThoseRead More

BroadBand Light Therapy – Top 5 FAQs

Fact: sun, pollution, lifestyle choices and your skin’s natural ageing process impact how your skin matures. There is no way to avoid it. The good news, however, is there are many effective treatments available to address your anti-ageing concerns. At Kaya Cosmedica, we utilise the most advanced technologies in non-invasive and minimally invasive skin rejuvenationRead More

7 things you didn’t know about anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections might be the first thing that comes to mind when unwanted lines start to appear. From its initial discovery decades ago, to its widespread clinical and cosmetic uses today, this remarkable treatment is a long-standing staple in medicine. Anti-wrinkle injections top lists of the most popular nonsurgical procedures in Australia and abroad yearRead More

Anti-Wrinkle Injections FAQs: Everything You Need to Know Before You Start

No one can stop the clock on ageing, but we have the power to slow it down. Anti-wrinkle injections are one of the most popular anti-ageing solutions worldwide. This treatment is a safe and effective procedure that has drastically changed how we stay looking and feeling young. Are you considering anti-wrinkle injections for the firstRead More

Should I get collagen-stimulating injections or fillers?

The demand for innovative anti-ageing treatments continues to rise. Injectable fillers have become ubiquitous as a quick, safe and low-downtime alternative to plastic surgery. These products rejuvenate the face by contouring, restoring lost volume and smoothing unwanted lines. Though all fillers work to achieve similar goals, how they accomplish it varies depending on the productRead More

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