Intrametica Natural Organic Beauty Supplements

Radiance starts from within. That’s why Kaya Cosmedica now proudly offers you Intrametica’s nutraceutical skin supplements and health boosters — a premium range of skincare and nutritional products which use only ethically sourced ingredients. Developed by renowned naturopath Angela Maree Smith, all of Intrametica’s products use the latest information in biomedical research and natural, herbal medicine to formulate among the best supplements for your skin available, helping to contribute to lasting, noticeable rejuvenation while also restoring your health and wellness from within. When you take Intrametica’s certified, organic whole-food powders as supplements to an already healthy diet, you can not only boost your health but also improve the appearance and radiance of your skin, too.

Who can benefit from using Intrametica’s Nutraceutical products?

If you care about your health, your skin and the environment, Intrametica’s nutraceutical line may be the ideal line of natural health and skincare products for you. All Intrametica products meet or surpass strict organic, environmental, dermatological and scientific guidelines while also being clinically proven to deliver results based on extensive, published peer review trials on real individuals. The result of using all natural and organic ingredients which have also been rigorously tested and proven is clear; people who use Intermetica’s supplements regularly enjoy natural-looking and healthy glowing skin — whatever their age or skin type — which they can show-off worry-free.

How do Intrametica’s Nutraceuticals work? 

You can introduce all the benefits of Intrametica’s nutraceuticals to your lifestyle quickly and easily. Just add each specially-formulated whole-food powder to a glass of water or juice or even your favourite smoothie and enjoy daily or as recommended for your needs by Dr Khinda. Nutraceuticals target an effective combination of nutrients, and your body does the rest. With nutraceuticals by Intrametica, you can enjoy all of the following benefits:

  • improvements to wrinkles and sun damage
  • clearer skin for acne sufferers
  • detox from harmful impurities
  • stable blood sugar levels for improved mood and constant energy
  • lasting satiety, promoting a healthy diet

You can also have combinations of nutraceutical supplements to address all your nutritional, energy and skincare needs in a comprehensive approach so you can look great, feel refreshed and live vitally again if you have multiple concerns.

Which Intrametica Nutraceutical products does Kaya Cosmedica offer?

Dr Khinda of Kaya Cosmedica can help you find the Intrametica nutraceutical products that will give you the best results whatever your concern. Among the most popular products in the nutraceutical line are Collagen Ultimate + and Purify Body Cleanse which target three common problems that all men and women may eventually face.

 Collagen Ultimate + in Organic Raspberry Burst Flavour

Collagen Ultimate + can help reduce early ageing signs and promote plumper and fuller-looking skin. You will also see tighter pores as a result of use. Your skin will look healthy, natural, youthful and glowing as a result of continual anti-ageing nourishment delivered to the deeper layers of the skin, with results typically becoming visible around eight weeks. This formulation can help:

  • visibly reduce uneven pigmentation and skin tone after four weeks
  • protect delicate skin against sunburn
  • decrease the premature ageing effects of sun damage
  • increase skin moisture and hydration
  • boost collagen production, helping skin regenerate and renew

Purify Body Cleanse in Organic Mixed Berry Flavour

Intrametica’s Purify Body Cleanse is a super-food supplement which contains bioactive botanicals clinically proven to support liver and gastrointestinal detoxification and healing and also helps cleanse the entire gastrointestinal tract. This hair and nail supplement can also help mitigate symptoms of acne, rosacea, skin blemishes and alopecia and purify and cleanse the blood to support whole-body health, producing clearer, glowing skin.

Purify Body Cleanse is an ideal daily supplement for those who want to reboot their diet and cleanse but might find it hard to find the time for a lengthier, more involved, or more complex cleanse. This supplement is also a perfect complement to Collagen Ultimate +, and you can take both together for maximum health, skin nourishment, and whole-body benefits.

Explore the Intrametica line of products today at Kaya Cosmedica!

Discover Intrametica®’s entire range of nutraceutical, all-natural vitamin supplements for skin and wellness at Kaya Cosmedica today. Dr Khinda can help you select and integrate the right products into your existing wellness, health, and cosmetic routines so you can enjoy all of the nutraceutical benefits without delay.

Nutraceuticals are the perfect complement to those with a busy lifestyle but who don’t want to compromise on their goals of looking and feeling their very best, naturally. Whether you are worried about your skin or are ready to revitalise your health and nutrition plans, Dr Khinda can help. With Dr Khinda’s guidance, you can select the right treatment or combination of treatments from a wide variety of options and have them tailored to your specific needs, giving you the look you want and the confidence you deserve.

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