Meet Our Team

The Team At kaya cosmedica

Kaya Cosmedica is elevated by their exceptional team who create a professional, educational, calm and relaxing environment. Personally selected by Dr PK, each member of her team shares the qualities of an unwavering commitment to the care and wellbeing of their patients as well as the genuine passion for the field of Skin and Aesthetics.

While each team member brings a wealth of experience, they also undergo in-depth training and time with Dr PK, learning from her knowledge of the latest non-surgical scientific advances and embodying her holistic and natural approach to aesthetic treatments. Dr PK works together with each practitioner and plays an integral and active role in developing treatment protocols for all Kaya Cosmedica patients.

Jeremiah Stone


Jeremiah is a highly experienced practitioner at Kaya Cosmedica. A Registered Nurse, completing her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at De La Salle University (Philippines) in 2013, she began her working career in Alaska and then worked in three different countries before moving to Australia in 2016, where she found her calling in the cosmetic industry.

Jeremiah works closely with Dr PK to address a wide range of patient concerns including facial ageing, pigmentation, redness, and acne. She specialises in a diverse array of medical-grade devices and treatments including lasers and injectables, plus has extensive experience in providing patient-specific treatment plans to align with each individual’s skin concerns, goals and budgets.

Having suffered from acne as a teenager and rosacea as an adult, Jeremiah is empathetic and passionate about helping patients look and feel their best. She believes that skin health doesn’t stop in the clinic; nutrition, lifestyle choices and a consistent home skin care routine is essential to ensure long-lasting results.

“My aspiration is to have my patients feeling great about themselves and to know they are not alone in their matter of concern. I am here to help them meet their goals and to feel empowered along the way.”

A woman with shoulder-length dark hair smiling at the camera, wearing a white collar jacket over a black blouse against a products-themed dark blue background.
A professional portrait of a smiling woman with shoulder-length curly dark hair, wearing a beige blazer over a white blouse, against a solid blue background. she has a name badge on her blazer.

Kiki Dhaliwal


Kiki is part of the Patient Liaison team here at Kaya Cosmedica and one of the first faces you’ll encounter as you enter our beautiful clinic. 

Kiki has a passion for health and fitness and dedicates her spare time to personal training at a local gym. Driven by her commitment to promoting optimal well-being, she is pursuing a Bachelor of Nutritional Science/Masters of Dietetics at Victoria University. Kiki aims to integrate her expertise from both realms to offer a holistic approach to health.

Beyond her diverse skills, it’s Kiki’s genuine warmth and compassionate nature that truly distinguish her, fostering trust and comfort in every interaction and making her an indispensable asset to the team.

“If I can achieve anything in my role at Kaya – and in my life – it is to leave people better than I found them. One small positive experience is all it takes to turn someone’s day around!”

Indi Carruthers


Indi is a cherished member of our patient liaison team, where her warm and nurturing energy creates a welcoming and supportive environment for all.

With a rich medical and beauty background, Indi seamlessly blends her passions and continuously expands her expertise here at Kaya Cosmedica.

Indi’s fascination with skin began during her Specialist Makeup Artistry and Beauty Therapy studies. Leveraging her knowledge and experience, she guides our patients towards achieving the skin and confidence they deserve while providing a boutique and positive experience.

“My values strongly resonate with Dr. PK’s. I find great fulfilment in cultivating a comfortable and safe space for our team and patients.”

A professional headshot of a young woman with shoulder-length brown hair, wearing a black top and subtle makeup, smiling gently against a grey background. she has earrings and a delicate necklace.
A woman wearing a black hijab with a neutral expression poses for a team portrait against a grey background. She has a slight smile and is looking directly at the camera.

Noora El Souki

Dermal Clinician

Noora completed her Bachelor of Dermal Science at Victoria University in 2021 and has thrived working in the industry since. She has worked alongside prominent dermatologists in Melbourne. She is passionate about helping her clients feel more confident within their skin and ensuring they achieve the best results when they see her.

She has extensive experience working with medical-grade devices and advanced skin treatments and enjoys treating acne, rosacea, aging, and pigmentation.

“While I have a passion for all things skin, my biggest passion is people, and I hope to make all our patients feel welcomed and comfortable during their treatment with me.”


Located in the vibrant heart of South Melbourne, Kaya Cosmedica provides a distinctive boutique clinic experience within an intimate and private setting.

As a medical cosmetic clinic led and owned by Dr. PK, our dedicated team prioritizes patient education and advocates for a holistic and natural approach to all skin and aesthetic treatments. At Kaya Cosmedica, we are committed to delivering the highest standard of care, fostering a serene and soothing environment that our patients truly appreciate.

Our welcoming atmosphere is enriched with carefully curated artwork and intricate details, creating a space that instills a sense of relaxation and inspiration, thereby enhancing the overall Kaya Cosmedica experience.