Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Working with you to achieve your aesthetic goals and enhance your natural beauty through education and personalised treatment plans.


At Kaya Cosmedica, our ethos is grounded in the principles of personalised care, a deep understanding of diverse skin tones, cultural aesthetics, and a commitment to delivering natural results through education and a holistic approach. Nestled in the heart of South Melbourne, our doctor-led cosmetic clinic is dedicated to providing tailored solutions for each patient’s unique skin and aesthetic concerns.

Under the leadership of Dr. Parvin Khinda, affectionately known as Dr. PK, our registered practitioners at Kaya Cosmedica embrace a holistic perspective. We consider the intricacies of each individual’s anatomy, age, gender, ethnicity, lifestyle, and nutrition, coupled with their specific concerns and goals. This comprehensive understanding allows us to craft individualised treatment plans, ensuring the best and most natural outcomes for every patient.

What sets Kaya Cosmedica apart is our unwavering passion for education. Dr. PK’s commitment extends beyond the clinic, empowering every Kaya patient to make informed decisions about their treatment plans, both during in-clinic sessions and in their at-home skincare, nutrition, and lifestyle choices. With a focus on inclusivity, understanding skin of colour, and respecting different cultural aesthetics, Kaya Cosmedica stands as a beacon for personalised, natural, and holistic care that celebrates the inherent beauty of each individual.


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Kaya Cosmedica is a doctor-led cosmetic clinic, based in the heart of South Melbourne. Passionate about education and offering a tailored approach to each patient’s unique skin concerns, the experienced team is renowned for their attention to detail and drive for natural results.