“I enable an individual to project their inner beauty to the outside world.”

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Who is Dr PK

Dr Parvin Khinda


Dr. Parvin Khinda, known affectionately as Dr. PK, is a Cosmetic Doctor based in Melbourne and the Founder of Kaya Cosmedica, an exclusive boutique cosmetic clinic nestled in South Melbourne.  With a 20 year career as a respected medical practitioner, Dr PK is widely regarded for her expertise in aesthetics, particularly in  achieving natural outcomes through the integration of non-surgical scientific advancements.

Embarking on her academic journey with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (with Honours), Dr. PK soon realised that her dedication to people surpassed her passion for research. This realisation led her to pursue a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Melbourne, followed by clinical training in specialities including  Emergency medicine, Dermatology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology. Driven by an intrinsic love for humanity, Dr. PK transitioned into a career as a General Practitioner after her residency, where she dedicated herself to providing long-term care for her patients.

During her tenure as a GP, Dr. PK nurtured her fervour for providing holistic and preventative care. Working at the Jean Hailes Foundation For Women exposed her to aesthetic and cosmetic medicine as viable options for addressing dermatological and hormonal conditions. Armed with an enhanced understanding and appreciation for the industry, Dr. PK continued her education, this time specialising in cosmetic medicine.

In 2016, Dr. PK established Kaya Cosmedica, manifesting her own principles and values in the cosmetic industry. Her approach embraces a holistic and natural perspective on aesthetic treatments.  At Kaya Cosmedica, Dr. PK has cultivated an atmosphere that goes beyond the typical clinical setting associated with doctor-led cosmetic clinics. With a keen eye for aesthetic interior design, she has thoughtfully chosen each piece of artwork and furnishing, creating a space that not only promotes a calm and relaxing environment but also stimulates creativity through art. This deliberate approach emphasises Dr. PK’s commitment to crafting a clinic atmosphere that transcends conventional expectations, fostering a unique blend of tranquillity and creative inspiration for her patients.

With over a decade of experience in cosmetic medicine, Dr. PK is highly regarded for her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to achieving results that exude natural beauty.  Integral to her patient-centred approach is a firm dedication to education, enabling patients to make informed decisions about their treatment plans with a strong emphasis on safety in aesthetic procedures. Dr. PK’s expertise extends to a comprehensive understanding of anatomy, identification of risk areas, and strict adherence to the latest guidelines, ensuring a secure and informed experience for all her patients.

From cosmetic injectables to medical skin conditions, Dr. PK guides each patient through their individual concerns, considering factors such as anatomy, age, gender, cultural background, lifestyle, and nutrition to formulate personalised treatment plans. 

Recognizing the diversity of skin tones and the influence of different cultural aesthetics and backgrounds, Dr. PK places a strong emphasis on understanding and respecting individual nuances. This awareness is woven into the fabric of Kaya Cosmedica’s approach, as Dr. PK and her team strive to create natural aesthetics that not only enhance one’s features but also celebrate the unique beauty rooted in diverse cultural backgrounds. Dr. PK’s commitment to inclusivity underscores the belief that every patient deserves a personalised and naturally elegant outcome,  that celebrates the diverse spectrum of beauty.

When selecting practitioners for Kaya Cosmedica, Dr. PK ensures that they possess relevant experience and align with her ethos on skin health and beauty. Personally training her practitioners in her methodologies, Dr. PK is intricately involved in all treatment protocols recommended to patients, reinforcing her commitment to excellence in achieving natural and beautiful outcomes.

As a national trainer for Merz Aesthetics, a global leader in aesthetic pharmaceuticals, Dr. PK is dedicated to improving industry standards and safety. She imparts her extensive expertise to both new and experienced nurse and doctor injectors, emphasising the importance of education, understanding anatomy, and employing safe techniques in aesthetic procedures. Dr. PK actively contributes to advancing industry practices and fosters a culture of continuous improvement by providing comprehensive training sessions both within her clinic and externally. Her commitment resonates as a guiding force in shaping a future where safety, anatomical knowledge, and ongoing education define the essence of aesthetic care.


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Kaya Cosmedica is a doctor-led cosmetic clinic, based in the heart of South Melbourne. Passionate about education and offering a tailored approach to each patient’s unique skin concerns, the experienced team is renowned for their attention to detail and drive for natural results.