How to Pick the Right Skin Care Gifts this Christmas

Looking for the perfect holiday gift — again? Too often, when we buy gifts for the people we care about, we end up buying things we’re not sure they’ll actually use. In this situation, who wins? You’ve wasted time and money, and your recipients, while they know you care, haven’t really gotten a gift, have they? Who knows, maybe you’ve even considered this problem in the morning while applying your moisturiser with sunscreen.

If you think about it, skin care products make great holiday gifts. Why? Because they’re products that people — yes, even men — will use every day; they’ll keep your loved ones looking most becoming while nourishing their skin and keeping them healthy; they’re a daily reminder that you care; and, most importantly, they’re something they might not buy for themselves because they consider them a luxury item.

However, buying skin care products for loved ones requires you to consider the same issues you do when you purchase products for yourself. So, to help you select the best gifts for those you care about (and maybe even a few for yourself), here are a few thoughts and tips to make your holiday gift-giving a success. Who knows, maybe by this time next year, your friends and family will be hinting they want what you got for them last year.

Who are you buying for?

This seems like an easy question to answer, but it makes a huge impact on what you buy. For example, are you buying for a man or a woman? Men and women often have different skin concerns and use products differently. Overall, men use fewer skin care products, which gives you more gift choices but also makes certain products better gifts. For example, since men spend less time on their skin, products that combine benefits — such as a Synergie Skin all-in-one moisturiser that can block UV and also minimise shaving irritation — make great sense. Men also address many of their skin care needs in the shower, so shower gels that also exfoliate, for example, will get used and deliver results.

What kind of skin do they have?

Different skin types have different needs, and this makes the selection of the right products critical, gift or not. Using a product that doesn’t have the right ingredients for a particular concern can be like using no product at all. That’s why whatever products you buy, buy from a line that uses the highest quality ingredients and has targeted formulations for a variety of skin problems. Synergie Skin’s range of products, which you can buy at Kaya Cosmedica, use a combination of synthesised and clinically proven natural ingredients to create effective skin solutions that are also ethically sound.

What do they need?

Whoever you’re shopping for in your life, consider the products they already use and see if you can add to or upgrade their current skin care repertoire. For example, if you and your friends love to hit the beach as soon as it gets warm, consider upgrading their sunscreen to Synergie Skin ÜberZinc, which hydrates and also offers broad-spectrum UV protection and green-tea-based antioxidants for maximum skin protection. Too many late nights? Gift Synergie Skin improvEyes Night overnight treatment which effectively combats dark circles, puffiness and fine lines. But why choose just one product? Spoil the most special people in your life with a gift set.

When will they use their products?

There are probably as many approaches to skin care as there are individuals. Some prefer a more extensive nighttime ritual, others a morning routine and some both. Still, other individuals may use products only a few days a week. When you normally spend the most time on your skin will also affect your choice of products. Since many treatments are formulated for daytime or nighttime use, it’s especially important to understand your recipient’s preferences and buy accordingly. For morning use, there’s Synergie Skin’s EnviroShield for maximum protection from environmental pollution and infrared rays. For evening use, Synergie Skin’s Reclaim can moisturise and reduce early ageing signs. And consider Synergie Skin’s anti-aging Superserum+ for both daytime and nighttime use.

Still don’t know what skin care products to buy your loved ones?

If you’re still unsure which products to select for those you want to spoil this season, give them the gift of a skincare consultation at Kaya Cosmedica. In a full, personalised assessment, the team at Kaya Cosmedica can identify the best way to improve any current skin concerns they may have and minimise or prevent future issues from occurring. Along with a carefully considered plan to keep them looking young, fresh and vital, Dr Khinda can also recommend the perfect products or combination of products to use and adjust them over time for the best results.

Dr Parvin Khinda and her entire team take great pride in enabling their clients to reveal their inner beauty. Kaya Cosmedica uses only the leading, proven techniques to achieve beautiful results that are long-lasting and true to the inner you. To learn more about treatments for the holidays or any time, schedule an appointment online. Dr Parvin Khinda and the team Kaya Cosmedica team want your beauty to shine!