What is a Lactic Acid Peel Treatment?

Nothing is more natural than ageing, but its symptoms can go beyond making you look older, but feel older, too. Perhaps, you may have already begun to notice the troubling appearance of sun damage also. You have probably begun to notice the early signs of facial ageing already, such as fine or even moderate lines and wrinkles. These issues along with acne, acne scarring and pigmentation problems, if you have them, can really take an emotional toll as you look in the mirror every day. However, if you have mild symptoms, you may still want to avoid invasive or surgical options.

Fortunately, there are treatments that can improve all of these symptoms without painful or lengthy procedures and provide you with the right amount of rejuvenation. Medical peels — and particularly lactic acid peels — can help you look and feel younger by reducing the wrinkles, lines and other imperfections you might have on the upper layers of your skin. A lactic acid peel treatment also has minimal downtime. If you have mild ageing symptoms, regularly scheduled treatments can impart an improved skin tone and texture and noticeable rejuvenation.

How does a lactic acid peel work?

A lactic acid peel — one of many available medical peels — is an alpha hydroxy acid that is derived from milk. This acid penetrates into the epidermis and breaks the bonds, which hold skin cells together. The upper layers of the skin then peel off revealing new, younger-looking skin underneath, with fewer lines, wrinkles and other imperfections. Chemical peels, including lactic peels, are notable for their level of customisability, the concentration of lactic acid can be tailored, and combined with other peels to get the level of rejuvenation required. In this way, lactic acid peels can improve a wide range of unwanted skin symptoms, from mild to moderate.

What are the benefits of a lactic acid peel?

Lactic acid peels, alone or in combination with other acids, can allow your body to release the uppermost layer of your skin, which contains many imperfections. This can reduce the appearance of many skin problems and reveal the newer skin layers that lie underneath. These include issues such as fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scars, uneven skin pigmentation, melasma, and sun damage.

What risks do lactic acid peels have?

Lactic acid peels are safe.   After your peel, you may experience slightly more sensitive skin including some redness and swelling. The most common side effects of a peel resemble a mild sunburn, and your skin may be more sensitive to the sun immediately after your peel. These symptoms generally subside within a day or two.

What will happen during my lactic acid peel procedure?

Your peel will be performed in the comfort of Kaya Cosmedica’s beautifully appointed rooms. Lower-concentration lactic peels do not require any preparation. If higher concentration or combination peels are used, the skin will need to be prepped for two weeks prior to using specific skin care. The procedure will begin with a cleansing of the area to be treated. The skin will be prepped for the peel, and then a specific concentration of lactic acid is applied to the treatment areas. The skin is then monitored.. Additional layers may be applied depending on skin tolerance. After the solution is applied, you may experience mild stinging or tingling sensations.  The peel will be inactivated after a designated amount of time and apply an ointment and sunscreen to soothe and protect the treated skin.

What concerns can a lactic peel treat?

A lactic acid peel provides many skin benefits with minimal to no downtime, making it an effective treatment for early aging signs and imperfections of the skin. A lactic acid peel’s benefits include:

  • exfoliation of dead skin
  • smoothed facial lines and wrinkles
  • improvement of acne, acne scars
  • improvement of blotchy skin, uneven skin pigmentation and melasma
  • younger, and more refreshed skin post-treatment
  • minimal to no downtime

Am I a candidate for a lactic peel?

If you have good general health and reasonable expectations about the benefits you can receive from a lactic peel, you will make a good candidate for this treatment. Individuals with fair to light skin generally get better results from chemical peel treatments like a lactic acid treatment; however, individuals with darker skin tones can also have lactic peels. Talk to your practitioner to fully understand the potential risks and benefits before having a lactic peel.

Trust Kaya Cosmedica for Your Lactic Peel

Lactic peels improve a wide variety of concerns effectively, safely and with minimal downtime, making them a popular skin care treatment. To learn more about lactic peels — as well as treatments tailored to rejuvenate and improve other skin concerns — schedule an in-person consultation with the team at Kaya Cosmedica today. You can set up an appointment quickly online. Kaya Cosmedica provides high-quality treatments, patient-focused care and a comfortable and restorative environment where you can get the look you deserve.