Enzyme Hydropeel vs. Dermafrac

Has your skin seemed lifeless lately — flat, dull, dry and lacking good tone? Are you ready to have great-looking skin now? The good news is that today you have many options to choose from to correct problem skin. In fact — among its many skin care offerings — Kaya Cosmedica offers two leading, unique and effective treatments to combat the skin care concerns that affect so many, such as acne, sun damage and early aging signs like wrinkles and lines. One option — The Enzyme Hydropeel — offers patients a natural and gentle way to restore the brightness and youthfulness of the skin through fruit-derived enzymes. Another option — Dermafrac — offers patients another method to rejuvenate dry, dull skin, as well as address skin concerns like acne, pores, and fine lines. So, which one is right for you? Kaya Cosmedica can help you learn more about these two great options and find the answer for you.

What is an Enzyme Hydropeel?

An Enzyme Hydropeel uses papain enzyme — a compound naturally derived from papaya — and lactic acid to gently exfoliate, brighten and improve the texture of your skin. These gentle components, when applied, give you a number of positive benefits including decongestion of pores, stimulation of new skin cell production, increased skin moisture and reduced skin inflammation. A single Enzyme Hydro Peel treatment, which most closely resembles an exfoliation treatment, lasts on average about 15 minutes, and most patients get maximum benefits from having four to six treatments two weeks apart. Patients who have the treatment will have brighter skin with less acne and sun damage, as well as improved, more even skin colouration and skin texture. Best yet, anyone can have the Enzyme Hydropeel. It is an ideal treatment for patients with sensitive or high-Fitzpatrick skin.

What is Dermafrac?

Dermafarac is a three-part skin care treatment. This advanced approach to skincare combines microdermabrasion, micro-needling and simultaneous infusion of serums to the ideal depth in the skin for maximum absorption and effect. Results are instant, and there is no downtime or need for anaesthetic. Microdermabrasion is performed to remove the dead layer of skin cells and is followed by microneedling. The Dermafrac wand uses vacuum pressure to pull the skin onto the microscopic needles so that they can penetrate below the epidermis Simultaneously, a customised serum is infused to the appropriate skin layer for maximal results. Patients who have concerns with brown spots, congested pores, uneven skin tone, poor skin texture and elasticity, wrinkles and fine lines all can have a Dermafrac treatment and see improvements. Like the Enzyme Hydropeel, patients benefit most when they have multiple initial treatments, usually three, and continue having Dermafrac treatments on a regular basis to maintain their results. Dermafrac also is a gentle treatment that most individuals can have, even people with sensitive and high-Fitzpatrick skin.

Enzyme Hydropeel or Dermafrac — which is right for me?

Both skin care treatments are gentle and fast and produce results, and both are essential skin care treatments to add to your usual hygiene and skin care regimen and healthy diet. Essentially, your skin condition will dictate which option makes the most sense for you. While both the Enzyme Hydropeel and Dermafrac treat sensitive skin, the Enzyme Hydropeel is the more gentle option of the two. If you have particularly sensitive skin, the Enzyme Hydropeel may give you the results you want without aggravating your skin. However, if you have more problematic skin, Dermafrac can give you increased rejuvenation and more wide-ranging options to treat combination skin. Dermafrac’s custom “boosts” can deliver added benefits for those who have more severe problems with wrinkles and fine lines, spots, skin discolouration or skin texture. While a single Dermafrac treatment takes slightly longer to perform than an Enzyme Hydropeel treatment, you will need fewer Dermafrac treatments to see optimum results, and this may be a factor for some patients.

Trust Your New Look to Kaya Cosmedica

Peels enjoy considerable popularity among skin care treatments for their ability to improve a wide variety of concerns safely and with minimal downtime. Kaya Cosmedica offers an array of leading peel treatments, such as glycolic peels, as well as the Enzyme Hydropeel and Dermafrac, for those who wish to have an even more gentle but no less effective skin boost. Enzyme Hydropeels and Dermafrac — which both quickly improve the most common problems individuals face — can each be incorporated into a broader skin care regimen recommended by the team at Kaya Cosmedica to optimise your results and delay much more costly and time-consuming treatments. The team at Kaya Cosmedica can help you understand all your options and select the best ones to treat your pressing skin care concerns. To explore all your skin care options, including peels, in more detail, schedule your in-person consultation at Kaya Cosmedica today. Appointments can be made quickly and easily online. The team at Kaya Cosmedica look forward to providing you with the personalised care you want and the high-quality skin treatments you deserve, so you leave looking more youthful and radiant.