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Acne Treatment

Acne is a common skin condition. Although it is most frequently associated with puberty, acne breakouts can occur from infancy all the way to middle age and beyond. Women are particularly prone to acne during the menopausal years when hormonal fluctuations can wreak havoc with the complexion. While acne is not a concerning medical condition in most cases, it can be quite debilitating from a social and personal standpoint.

Fortunately, those battling acne today have numerous treatment options available. Kaya Cosmedica offers a variety of nonsurgical procedures designed to clear the skin and create a healthy, beautiful complexion. In addition, we provide professional-grade skin care you can use at home to complement and support your professional treatments. We can even help you say goodbye to residual scarring that if a frequent bane of acne sufferers long after the breakouts have stopped.

Understanding Acne

The mechanics of acne begin when the pores of the skin become clogged with dead skin cells. These cells usually slough away from the skin’s surface naturally, but in the dermis that produces excessive amounts of oil known as sebum, the dead cells begin to stick together inside of the pore. Bacteria known as P. acnes can exacerbate the problem, causing inflammation of the skin around the pore. As the bacteria continue to multiply, it can lead to the formation of a cyst or nodule.

Symptoms of acne may include the following:

  • Whiteheads (clogged pores that remain closed)
  • Blackheads (clogged pores that open, revealing the oil and bacteria)
  • Papules (small red bumps that are visible signs of inflammation) Pimples (enlarged papules with pus inside)
  • Nodules (painful, large lumps beneath the skin’s surface)
  • Cystic Lesions (nodules that contain pus)

While it is uncertain why some people develop acne and others do not, factors may increase your risk for the condition or exacerbate acne that already exists. These include hormonal fluctuations, some medications and stress.

Treatment Options at Kaya Cosmedica

Kaya Cosmedica offers a variety of treatments to address the symptoms of acne and help our clients obtain clearer, more beautiful skin:


This innovative treatment combines microdermabrasion, which removes the outermost skin layers, with micro needling and serum infusion to produce dramatic results for a wide range of skin conditions, including acne. The clarifying solution we use for this treatment combines salicylic and lactic acid to open clogged pores and neutralise bacteria that leads to breakouts. At the same time, this treatment minimises fine lines and wrinkles for women experiencing both pimples and facial lines at the same time.

Medical Skin Peels

Medical peels are effective exfoliating treatments that use chemical solutions to remove outer layers of skin and reveal softer, healthier skin below. We offer a wide range of formulations, including salicylic acid peels, so that we can tailor these treatments to the severity of your condition and your desired results. Most peels do not involve a significant amount of discomfort and downtime, allowing you to keep your pimples under control without disrupting your daily schedule too much.


LED light therapy can be beneficial in treating acne. Our Omnilux system is the gold standard in this technology, offering a myriad of benefits to our patients, including those struggling with this troublesome skin condition. Our Omnilux Blue neutralises the P. acnes bacteria, which reduces inflammation in the skin. When we combine this treatment with the Omnilux Revive, we can produce a marked reduction in acne skin lesions. Medical-Grade Skincare While professional treatments in our office are the best way to keep acne at bay, we also offer medical-grade skin care to help you manage your skin condition from the comfort of your own home. High-quality lines like Synergie provide specialised formulations designed to keep acne-prone skin healthy and clear by addressing the condition at its roots and improve the appearance of the skin’s surface. Our team of professionals will assess your skin to help you determine the best line and products for your needs.

Eliminating Acne Scars

Perhaps you have passed the point of acne breakouts but scarring from your condition serves as a painful and permanent reminder of those days. The good news is the residual scarring does not have to be permanent any longer, thanks to innovative solutions in our office that reduce the appearance of icepick, boxcar and rolling acne scars. Whether you need a superficial treatment to even out skin texture or more invasive therapies to say goodbye to more severe scarring, we can help you construct a treatment program that will give you the results you want.

At Kaya Cosmedica, we are committed to helping you enjoy clearer, healthier skin throughout every phase of your life. To find out more about our options in acne treatments, contact us today on 03 9329 9991.