Meet Our Team

Jeremiah Stone – Registered Nurse

Jeremiah graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from De La Salle University Philippines in 2013. She then moved to practice her degree in Alaska before moving to Australia in 2016 where she started her career in the cosmetic industry.

She suffered from acne as a teenager and rosacea as an adult and this is what led her into the cosmetic industry. Jeremiah is now working with clients to help with a wide range of concerns including, but not limited to, facial ageing, pigmentation, redness, and acne.

She specialises in the use of a wide range of medical grade treatments that she uses to help with these concerns. Because of her extensive experience, she’s able to provide client specific treatment plans based on individual client’s concerns and goals. She is passionate about making clients feel comfortable in their own skin and loves achieving a natural look through injectable treatments and our devices in clinic.

Fun fact: “I am a licensed registered nurse in 3 different countries and have 3 babies under the age of 2!”

Paula Neophitou – Senior Dermal Therapist

Meet Paula, our Senior Dermal Therapist here at Kaya Cosmedica!

Paula has eight years of industry experience, graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Human Biology Major) in 2015. She is currently a few months away from graduating with a Bachelor of Dermal science (Victoria University).

Paula adopts a holistic approach to skin revision, utilising her knowledge in biology and working collaboratively with Dr Parvin to identify the cause of the condition, ensuring long-term treatment outcomes for her clients.

She has extensive experience performing high-quality skin treatments using medical-grade devices and treating skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, rosacea, scarring, ageing, and dermatitis.

Her passion for skin and science extends to helping clients feel confident and like the best version of themselves!

Georgina Gaynor – Dermal Therapist

Meet our Dermal Therapist Georgina! Georgina, or Georgie as we call her here at Kaya Cosmedica, has worked in the health and skin industry for over 4 years and has joined the team as our Dermal Therapist. Georgina is studying a bachelor of Dermal Science at Victoria University.

Georgina is currently working with clients to address a variety of skin concerns such as acne, scarring, pigmentation and the early signs of aging through the use of various medical grade devices and loves providing her treatments in a relaxing, stress free environment to ensure clients look and feel their best.

Georgina enjoys nothing more than seeing her clients regain their confidence through effective treatments. Helping people feel confident in their own skin is a passion close to Georgina’s heart and she finds it so rewarding to be able to help her clients look the way they feel.

Fun fact: “My happy place is at the Murray river. Throughout the Summer months, you can always find me there, waterskiing with my family and friends”

Jessica – Clinic Coordinator

Jessica has worked and studied in the Skin and Women’s Health Industry over the past 5 years, which is where her passion lies. Her role differs with each day, one thing that remains constant is the enthusiasm she brings to each task whilst supporting the team to create a relaxed and comfortable environment for patients and our team alike.

Her values align strongly with Dr Parvin and she appreciates having the opportunity to support her in running her Clinic. Jessica has an eye for detail and creativity, which shows in the passion she brings into her role and the clinic each day.

Away from work, you will find her cooking her favourite foods and creating special memories with her loved ones.

Fun fact: “In my spare time, I work on a small candle business I have with my best friend, we make customised candles by hand and find so much pleasure in creating pieces for beautiful spaces!”

Monique – Patient Liaison

Meet the smiling face behind the front desk, Monique! Monique is currently studying a bachelor of nursing at Australian Catholic University and has joined the team as our clinic coordinator.

Monique has had over 2 years of experience in management roles and now assists our patients in their skin and health journey at Kaya Cosmedica.

Monique has a strong interest in the cosmetic and medical industry, and one day hopes to help patients of her own by performing treatments. She has an extensive knowledge of all treatments and skin care offered here at Kaya, and is always happy to help patients in any way she can.

Monique ensures she always greets patients with a smile.

Fun fact: “I was a competitive dancer for 15 years”

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