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Ultherapy is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure for skin rejuvenation and tightening. This innovative treatment utilises microfocused ultrasound energy with direct visualisation to precisely stimulate collagen production deep to the skin’s layers resulting in a lifting and firming effect.  One of the marked advantages of Ultherapy is the ability to provide noticeable results without downtime, as well as using real time ultrasound visualisation to customise results and improve outcomes.

What Is Ultherapy?

Ultrasound (sound energy) powers the Ulthera system. The device delivers focused ultrasound energy to the deep SMAS layer below the skin surface, the same area addressed in a surgical facelift. The energy generates a thermal effect in the tissue that triggers collagen growth. As new collagen develops, the skin and underlying tissues tighten, creating a lifting effect and smoothing lines and wrinkles. While other ultrasound devices are available (ie. HIFU), Ultherapy is the only device that allows ultrasound visualisation of the anatomical layers of the skin and tissues. This provides accurate and focused treatment, resulting in more effective and longer-lasting results.

What Does Ultherapy Do?

The Ulthera system is powered by ultrasound (sound energy). The device delivers focused ultrasound energy to the deep SMAS layer below the skin surface, the same area addressed in a surgical facelift. The energy generates a thermal effect in this tissue that triggers the collagen growth process. As new collagen develops, the skin and underlying tissues tighten, creating a lifting effect and smoothing lines and wrinkles. Ultherapy is the only device that allows ultrasound visualisation of the anatomical layers of the skin and tissues to provide accurate and focused treatment.

Where Can Ultherapy Be Used?

Currently, Ultherapy is utilised for the face, neck, and upper chest area. It can also be used for jawline contouring. Currently, it is TGA-approved to:

  • Lift the brow
  • Tighten sagging skin along the jawline (jowls)
  • Reduce loose skin under the neck (turkey neck)
  • Improve lines and wrinkles on the chest

What Age Is Best for Ultherapy?

What determines someone’s suitability for Ultherapy is not their age; it is the elasticity of their skin. A good candidate for Ultherapy has some degree of skin laxity, to the point that their skin looks noticeably looser and less firm. For example, there may be extra skin resting on their eyelids due to a lowered eyebrow line. If you notice neck skin laxity or jawline drooping, Ultherapy may be the ideal solution.

Ultherapy can be an excellent choice for those who want some skin tightening and lifting but are not ready for surgery. While Ultherapy is not equivalent to a surgical facelift, many people feel more comfortable avoiding or delaying surgery and the accompanying discomfort, downtime, and cost. Some also use Ultherapy as a maintenance treatment after having facelift surgery.

At Kaya Cosmedica, we invite all new patients to attend a consultation where you will undergo a thorough skin analysis and review your concerns. Together a tailored program is developed to ensure the best results for you. Book a consultation now.

What Is Involved in the Ultherapy Procedure?

At Kaya Cosmedica, each new patient requires a cosmetic consultation prior to any treatment.
Our consultations are designed to provide you with a tailored experience that addresses your specific needs, concerns and expectations. This is achieved through a facial assessment prior to every treatment and clinical images that are taken prior to treatment to monitor your progress. 

It is also important to take a full medical history to ensure the treatments we recommend are safe and effective for your individual circumstances. The consultation also allows you to get to know the processes and treatment options at Kaya Cosmedia, ask questions and gain insight into our expertise and approach.  This allows us to work together towards achieving your desired aesthetic goals. There are no pre-treatment skin care requirements associated with Ultherapy, so you don’t have to worry about preparations.

An Ultherapy procedure takes between 30 and 90 minutes, depending on which area is treated. After cleansing your skin and applying a special ultrasound conductive gel, your practitioner will place the smooth Ulthera treatment applicator against your skin and carefully pass the applicator over your skin while it transmits the ultrasound energy to specific layers of tissue.

Is Ultherapy Painful?

You may feel tiny amounts of ultrasound energy being deposited into the deeper layers of your skin, stimulating the collagen growth process. Comfort thresholds vary from individual to individual, but the sensation only lasts while the device emits ultrasound energy. Most people report that the treatment is tolerable. The comfort of each individual is always a top priority for all Kaya practitioners, and pain management options are always offered, including analgesics, vibration therapy, and laughing gas (nitrous oxide).

What are the risks?

At South Melbourne-based Kaya Cosmedica, Dr PK and her registered nurses have undergone significant training, and all have extensive experience in the art and science of cosmetology. Dr Khinda is committed to keeping abreast of the latest medical and scientific advances in cosmetic procedures, including best practices and techniques when using the Ultherapy device.

How much does Ultherapy cost in South Melbourne?

Ultherapy is priced per area. Therefore, the total cost of treatment depends on how many areas need to be treated to achieve the desired result. Some of the factors that go into the cost include:

– Number of areas being treated
– Size of the areas being treated
– Strength of the muscle being treated

A face-to-face assessment must take place to provide an accurate quote.

What results to expect after Ultherapy Treatment

How long does it take to see Ultherapy results?

Ultherapy has a gradual effect. Because it relies on your natural collagen growth process, it takes two to three months for your results to evolve. During this time, your body builds new collagen that lifts, tightens, and smooths your skin. Your results may continue to improve over the following three to six months. 

How many Ultherapy results are needed?

The majority of patients achieve their goals with a single Ultherapy treatment. However, some may benefit from more than one procedure, depending on how advanced their skin laxity is and their body’s natural response to the ultrasound and collagen-building process.

How long does Ultherapy last?

Ultherapy’s skin-tightening effect can last up to a year or more. Because its benefits are due to your collagen production, the longevity of your results depends on how your body responds to the procedure. Your ageing process will also influence how long you notice visible results. Ageing cannot be stopped, but future touch-up sessions can help give you more control over your appearance.

Will the results be natural?

Dr PK and her team of registered nurses are qualified and experienced practitioners with a strong understanding of facial anatomy. Under Dr PK’s lead, Kaya Cosmedica’s focus is to ensure your natural beauty and that all treatments are always tailored to your unique profile to ensure a natural result.

All new patients attend an initial consultation. Here your skin will be assessed, and all suitable options will be discussed. Our aim is to always enhance your natural aesthetic; some treatment options are better than others to do this.

At Kaya Cosmedica, our team employs the SPT protocol, which stands for “see, plan, treat,” to meticulously tailor your treatment, ensuring the best outcomes.  This protocol utilises the ultrasound visualisation capabilities of the Ultherapy system and organising the treatment into three distinct phases.

SEE: During the initial consultation, your skin is assessed to understand your skin texture and determine your areas of concern. Then it is scanned with the Ultherapy transducer to evaluate your skin thickness on various parts of your face.  This critical step is indispensable, recognising the inherent uniqueness and variation in depth of every individual’s skin and tissues providing a customised treatment and better outcomes.

PLAN: Subsequently, your treatment settings will be charted using the insights gained from the previous SEE step.  These include marking out the treatment areas, and the number of ultrasound energy shots and depth to be delivered is precisely determined.

TREAT: The treatment commences by delivering micro-focused ultrasound energy, guided with visualisation, targeting the deep tissue planes as per the customised plan for each patient.  Various transducers, such as 1.5mm, 3.0mm, and 4.5mm transducers are employed to deliver the ultrasound energy on the treatment area, addressing layers from the superficial to the deep foundational layers, previously attainable only through surgical facelifts. 

This comprehensive approach is designed to ensure the treatment is customised and achieves the best outcomes for each patient.


Aftercare for Ultherapy treatment 

Is there downtime after an Ultherapy treatment?

You can return to your routine immediately after your Ultherapy procedure. There are no post-treatment restrictions or requirements. Your skin may initially appear flushed, but the redness should fade within a few hours. Some people temporarily experience mild tingling, swelling, or tenderness to the touch. Less common post-treatment effects may include temporary numbness or bruising in localised areas of the skin.

Book your consult for Ultherapy in South Melbourne.

We encourage you to book a consultation at Kaya Cosmedica and learn more about this treatment. We will create a custom treatment plan to address the cosmetic issues that concern you most.

Creating confidence at every age is our passion. Get in touch today to find out if Ultherapy is suitable for you.

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