VISIA® Skin Analysis

VISIA® is a state-of-the-art imaging tool that provides a comprehensive assessment of your skin, offering an in-depth, multi-dimensional look that goes far beyond what the eye can see.  Using this device for skin analysis, our practitioners can make advanced and highly individualised recommendations focused on your areas of need, as well as measure the impact of your treatment plan over time. 

Why We’ve Brought VISIA® to Kaya Cosmedica

Your skin is unique and requires a bespoke approach. Comprehensive consultations are an essential part of the experience at Kaya Cosmedica because they allow us to get to know you and your treatment goals. 

VISIA® makes this process even more effective by showing us the unique makeup of your skin at a deeper level. With this data, we can get a clear picture of your current skin health and compare your results with others in your same age and skin type groups. This helps bring areas that need attention into focus and allow our practitioners to tailor a treatment plan right for your skin needs.

What Are the Advantages of VISIA® Skin Analysis?

VISIA® offers many potential benefits, including:

  • Identifying Skin Concerns Early — With VISIA® skin analysis, various conditions can be detected early on, allowing appropriate treatment to begin before the condition worsens or triggers further issues.
  • Personalising Treatment Plans — The detailed VISIA® report provides more information than a visual assessment, helping our practitioners develop a treatment plan that is tailor-made for your unique concerns and needs.
  • Objective, Data-Backed Analysis — When it comes to your skin, knowledge is power. VISIA® analyses your skin without biases or subjectivity.
  • Tracking Progress — Your skin is constantly changing. With ongoing VISIA® scans, we can monitor and measure the effects of your treatment plan and make adjustments to it as necessary.

What can the VISIA analyse?

VISIA®’s imaging software can be used to take a closer look at eight surface and subsurface conditions:

  • Spots — visible pigmentation distinguishable by its distinct colour and contrast from the background skin tone
  • Wrinkles — creases in the skin associated with sun damage and declining elasticity
  • Texture — raised and depressed areas that give the skin surface an uneven appearance
  • Pores — surface openings of sweat gland ducts that may appear dark and enlarged
  • UV Spots — areas just below the skin surface that have been damaged by sun exposure
  • Brown Spots — pigmentation and discolouration below the surface of the skin.
  • Wrinkles — creases in the skin associated with sun damage and declining elasticity
  • Redness — areas of concentrated redness which may be related to inflammation, spider veins or a variety of other conditions
  • Porphyrins — substances secreted by bacteria that can clog pores

After gathering this information, VISIA®’s patented comparison analysis uses the world’s largest skin feature database to compare your skin to others of the same age, sex and skin type. This gives you information about which areas could benefit from more attention.

How Does the VISIA® System Work?

VISIA® combines an innovative image capture unit with software that processes the images and produces a report based on its findings.

While you remain stationary with your chin resting in a cradle, the capture unit rotates around your face to capture multiple images quickly and painlessly. The images are taken under different wavelengths of light (standard, ultraviolet and cross-polarised), each of which helps identify different skin conditions. 

The software automatically analyses the images and generates an assessment of your skin’s condition. We can then go over the results together, easily highlighting, zooming in and enhancing specific parts of the images to discuss your results in detail.

What Is VISIA® TruSkin Age?

Your VISIA® report will also include your TruSkin Age. This unique tool estimates your skin’s biological age so it can be compared to your chronological age. For example, a 45-year-old who has led a healthy lifestyle and taken care of their skin may have a TruSkin Age of 31, while a 31-year-old who has been unhealthy and neglected their skin care may have a TruSkin Age of 45.   This metric is another useful piece of data that helps guide our selection of skin care products and treatments for you.

How Should I Prepare for VISIA® Skin Analysis? 

Sunscreen and makeup can affect your VISIA® results and provide a less complete picture of your skin’s condition. Coming in with a freshly cleansed face is ideal so we can go straight to the VISIA® scan.  However, we know this isn’t always a realistic request, as many patients come from work and other engagements. Let us know if you arrive with products on so we can cleanse your skin thoroughly prior to your assessment.

Can I Benefit From VISIA® Skin Analysis?

Yes! Anyone who is interested in getting qualitative data about their skin can benefit from VISIA® scans. It works for all skin types, tones and textures.   We find it is particularly useful for people with specific concerns (such as acne or sun damage), people interested in taking a proactive approach to anti-ageing and people who want to track the progress of their skin over time.

Get Your Custom VISIA® Skin Analysis Report at Kaya Cosmedica

Whether you’re beginning your journey towards healthier skin, or you’re keen to maintain the results you’ve already achieved, we invite you to experience the benefits of the VISIA® Skin Analysis System at Kaya Cosmedica. With VISIA®, you gain deep insights into your skin’s current state, enabling us to provide you with the most targeted recommendations. 

VISIA®is your personal road map to better skin. Enquire here to schedule your VISIA® Skin Analysis at Kaya Cosmedica today.


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