Intrametica® Beauty Supplements

Intrametica Beauty Supplements

We are proud to offer our patients Intrametica®’s premium range of ethically sourced and formulated Nutri-Cosmetic skincare supplements. Consciously curated by renowned Naturopath Angela Maree Smith, Intrametica® fuses evidence based bio-medical science, with nutritional, herbal-based lifestyle medicine to restore health and wellness to the body.  Unlike any other beauty products on the market, our certified organic wholefood powders improve the overall appearance and vitality of your skin as well as boost your health from the inside out. Show love to your skin from within by adding our supplements to your daily life.

Intrametica® is the right choice for ethically minded and health conscious men and women. Delivering clinically proven results that are supported by published peer reviewed human clinical trials, these supplements are all natural and organic, providing real skin benefits for a naturally beautiful complexion at every stage of their life. Unlike other natural brands whose claims are hard to prove, every aspect of Intrametica meets strict organic, environmental, scientific and dermatological criteria, allowing people of all ages to unveil and celebrate their natural beauty and healthy, glowing skin.

Only the finest organic and clinically proven ingredients are included in the formulations. Intrametica® great tasting Nutri-Cosmetic blend of skincare supplement powders can be added to water or your daily juice or smoothies. From wrinkles and sun damage, to acne and detox as well as supporting satiety. and blood sugar control, each uniquely crafted product targets different aspects of skincare, nourishment and support, and can be blended together to meet your beauty and wellness needs.

Discover the Intrametica® Product Range

Each formula in Intrametica®’s product line is uniquely crafted to minimise lines, protect against UV damage, firm and smooth the skin, promote strong hair and nails, boost metabolism and reduce hunger and cravings. The three products work synergistically to enhance inner health and outer beauty by focusing on four key elements: gut, liver, skin and weight management.

Collagen Ultimate +

Organic Raspberry Burst Flavour

Premature ageing can occur when the production of free radicals overwhelms the body, causing oxidative stress, cellular damage and inflammation. Fortunately, our bodies have a natural defence mechanism against this process: antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralise free radicals to minimise the damage caused. A healthy and varied diet combined with appropriate supplementation is the best way to ensure your body receives the antioxidant nutrients it needs. 

Intrametica® Collagen Ultimate + contains sustainably sourced collagen peptides and antioxidant botanicals to fight free radical damage and ageing from the inside out. Within eight weeks of consistent use, you may notice fuller and plumper skin, tighter pores, a reduction in wrinkles and restored radiance. Collagen Ultimate + provides 24-hour internal anti-ageing nourishment for the deeper layers of your skin to help keep it healthy, naturally youthful and bright.  

It is formulated to:

  • Decrease premature ageing effects of sun damage
  • Visibly reduce uneven pigmentation and skin redness after four weeks
  • Help protect against sunburn
  • Increase skin moisture, hydration, firmness and elasticity
  • Assist with collagen production, skin regeneration and renewal

Purify Body Cleanse

Organic Mixed Berry Flavour

The liver is the body’s natural filtration system. In addition to producing bile to support healthy digestion, the liver is responsible for converting toxins into waste products, cleansing the blood and metabolising nutrients to provide the body with essential proteins. While a healthy liver cleanses itself, it may not function optimally when faced with the additional dietary and environmental toxins accumulated through urban living.

Intrametica® Purify Body Cleanse is a superfood supplement for everyday use. This product contains clinically proven bioactive botanicals that support liver detoxification, gut healing, gentle bowel elimination and blood purification. Purify Body Cleanse is ideal for those suffering with acne, rosacea and blemished skin, as well as those looking to balance their hectic modern lifestyle. It is also a perfect complement to Collagen Ultimate + for maximum skin nourishment and support. 

It is formulated to:

  • Help maintain healthy liver function
  • Nourish beneficial gut bacteria
  • Improve digestion
  • Regulate bowel function
  • Support the immune system

 Toned Protein Boost

Organic Vanilla Maple Flavour

Protein powder isn’t just for athletes. Daily protein intake plays a role in hormone regulation, digestion, tissue repair, fat loss, energy, oxygenation and antibody creation. Protein is also an important building block of skin, muscles, bones and cartilage. Failing to get enough protein in your diet can leave you feeling low-energy and make it difficult to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Intrametica® Toned Protein Boost is unlike any other protein powder on the market. If you exercise regularly and are looking to tone your body, this supplement can help supercharge your routine, improve your metabolism and curb your cravings. The smoothie enhancer contains a blend of sprouted, bio-fermented organic plant protein, marine bioactive collagen peptides and botanicals to transform your skin and metabolism from within.

It is formulated to:

  • Help with body fat reduction
  • Reduce hunger and sugar cravings
  • Promote healthier hair, skin and nails
  • Improve hydration
  • Provide healthy fibre and nutritional support

Intrametica® FAQ

Is Intrametica® an Australian brand? 

Yes! Intrametica® is owned and operated in Australia by Melbourne-based founder Angela Maree Smith. All Intrametica® products are developed and manufactured in Australia.

How long should I take Intrametica® products?

We recommend starting with a minimum of three months to maximise cellular turnover and optimise your results. Ideally, Intrametica® supplements should be taken continuously for long-term skin benefits.

When will I start seeing results? 

Like any beauty treatment, outcomes will vary for each individual. This is why we suggest waiting at least three months before evaluating. You’ll achieve the best results when using Intrametica® products on top of a healthy lifestyle, consistent skin care at home and regular professional treatments. 

When should I take Intrametica® supplements?

The Intrametica® product line is designed for easy use. The skincare supplements are gentle on the stomach, so they can be taken at any time of day — even before bed — with or without food. The most important thing is that you take them when it’s convenient for you and ideally daily. 

What formats are Intrametica® products available in?

Intrametica® beauty supplements are available in caddie, pouch and travel pack options. The preserving caddies are made from Miron Violetglass, which maintains ultimate freshness and allows Intrametica® to keep the formulations free from preservatives and fillers.

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