15 Cosmetic Uses for Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Over 14.4 million — that’s how many nonsurgical procedures took place worldwide in 2020, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery’s annual global survey. Of that number, over 43% were anti-wrinkle injections. That’s more than 6.2 million wrinkle-relaxing treatments administered in a single year! Anti-wrinkle injections were also the most popular cosmetic procedures in 2021 based on monthly search volume, both in Australia and worldwide. The popularity of these injectables is no surprise to those familiar with them. Anti-wrinkle injections are minimally invasive, convenient and effective, with few side effects and minimal downtime. They are also one of the most versatile tools in the aesthetic medicine toolbox. Are anti-wrinkle injections “the drug that’s treating everything”, as a TIME magazine cover once proclaimed? Well, we wouldn’t go as far as everything, but the uses are numerous and continuously growing, and you might be surprised by all that one revolutionary injectable can do.

The Big Three

The name says it all: anti-wrinkle injections are known best for their ability to smooth unwanted lines. Specifically, they target dynamic wrinkles caused by muscle contractions, such as those involved in facial expressions like frowning, squinting or smiling. The three most well-known (and TGA-approved) uses for anti-wrinkle injections are:

Forehead Lines

The frontalis muscles are responsible for raising the eyebrows and causing horizontal forehead lines. Injections into these muscles are one of the most common requests (but must be placed carefully to prevent brow or eyelid ptosis).

Glabella Lines

Glabella lines (popularly called frown lines or 11s) are the vertical furrows that appear between the eyebrows. Injecting the corrugator supercillii muscles and procerus muscle can soften a perpetually angry or fatigued expression caused by these creases.

Crow’s Feet

The orbicularis oculi muscles surround the eyes and create lateral canthal lines known as crow’s feet when contracted. Superficial injection of these muscles can minimise crow’s feet and raise the height of the outer tip of the eyebrow.

And That’s Not All…

New trends are emerging in aesthetic medicine all the time, and anti-wrinkle injections are no exception. Medical practitioners frequently used them “off-label” to address an even wider range of cosmetic concerns. From head to toe, we’re discovering new benefits of anti-wrinkle injections all the time. A word to the wise — you should always choose an experienced provider for your treatments, but it’s especially important if you’re interested in the off-label use of anti-wrinkle injections. Here are our tips for finding a reputable cosmetic injector in Melbourne. With that out of the way, let’s explore some of the lesser-known (and perhaps surprising) uses for wrinkle relaxers.


Bizarre though it may sound, there are reports of women extending the life of their blowdries with scalp injections. By using the injections to decrease scalp sweating (the same way they work for hyperhidrosis), these ladies are keeping frizz at bay and going longer between salon appointments.


Anti-wrinkle injections into the upper eyebrows or orbicularis oculi muscles can mimic the effects of a brow lift by relaxing the muscles that pull down on the brows. This may also offer some improvement for mild hooding of the upper eyelids.

Bunny Lines

Some people develop vertical lines adjacent to the upper end of the nasal bridge (“bunny lines”). An injection on either side into the transverse portion of the nasalis muscle can help these lines dissipate.


Anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers are increasingly used to perform “liquid nose job” procedures. Placing a few units at the base of the columella (the cartilage separating the nostrils), can temporarily lift the nasal tip if it is drooping.

Upper Lip

The “lip flip” is a popular option for nonsurgical lip enhancement. Instead of adding volume to the lips like lip fillers, anti-wrinkle injections placed into the orbicularis oris muscle above the upper lip causes the lip to flip outward, creating the illusion of more fullness.

Lip Lines

Vertical lip lines (often referred to as smoker’s lines or lipstick lines) around the mouth are typically treated with anti-wrinkle injections administered close to the vermillion border. Lines within the lips are more efficiently smoothed with dermal fillers.

Mouth Corners

The corners of the mouth can droop with age, giving the appearance of a permanent frown. Treatment of the depressor anguli oris muscles can result in a pleasing upturn to the corners of the lips and a happier, more youthful expression.

Gummy Smile

A gummy smile can be a result of overactive lip elevator muscles when smiling. Anti-wrinkle injections placed into the hyperactive muscles above the upper lip allow the lip to relax, limiting how much gum is revealed during a laugh or smile.

Masseter Muscles

Anti-wrinkle injections are used to relax and soften prominent masseter muscles, which can give a woman’s jawline a bulky, masculine appearance. They can also relieve jaw tension and teeth grinding associated with TMJ.

Chin Dimples

Overactive mentalis muscles in the chin can create a dimpled, puckered appearance. This effect is compounded by the bone loss, gum recession and collagen depletion that occur with ageing. Anti-wrinkle injections can relax the mentalis muscles for a more youthful look.

Neck Bands

Protruding platysmal bands are one of the earliest and most common signs of neck ageing. Relaxing the platysma muscle gives the neck a smoother appearance and more refined contour. Horizontal wrinkles can be temporarily softened with an anti-wrinkle injections “necklace.”


Some practitioners are now using anti-wrinkle injections to minimise the appearance of large pores. The “micro” or “meso” injections are placed superficially into the skin instead of a muscle, which may help control the sebaceous glands and reduce oil production.

Explore the Possibilities With Anti-Wrinkle Injections at Kaya Cosmedica

Innovations continually arise in the world of anti-wrinkle injections. Doctors are discovering potential benefits for treating acne, scars, and facial redness and flushing, not to mention the many therapeutic applications of these medications. At Kaya Cosmedica, we are committed to our continuing education so we can offer our patients the best and most innovative treatments. We strive to be at the forefront of new developments in our industry, bringing you the latest techniques and products backed by our experience, training, integrity and passion. If you are a resident of the South Melbourne area and ready to explore the possibilities of anti-wrinkle injections, please book an appointment today.
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