Why Use a Microcannula Instead of a Needle for Dermal Fillers?

You’ve probably chosen to have a dermal filler treatment, in part, because of its safety. As a minimally-invasive treatment, it poses less risk than more invasive surgical options, yet it provides many of the same benefits along with long-lasting results. Those benefits include improvements to lines, folds, and wrinkles and restored volume and youthfulness in the face, lips and even the backs of the hands. However, not all dermal filler treatments are made equal, and some techniques for introducing dermal fillers to the intended treatment areas are far safer than other techniques. While a qualified doctor can use traditional techniques safely and produce sound results, there are safer techniques to use which can minimise your risks even further, making dermal fillers an even more attractive option. By far, one of the most value-additive techniques in the application of dermal fillers is the use of a microcannula in the place of a needle, which up until now has been the primary means through which doctors have introduced dermal fillers into the underlying skin areas. Needles have certain inherent risks both to the quality of your results and your safety during your procedure which a microcannula can avoid. A microcannula can also provide qualitatively better results, especially when used by an experienced injector.

The Risks of Using Needles When Injecting Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have traditionally been injected into the skin with a needle, which should come as no surprise. Needles have been used in medical procedures both necessary and elective for generations. Many dermal filler products also come with needles sized appropriately for the treatment they offer. Needles, however, in cosmetic applications, have downsides which they do not necessarily have in other medical treatment contexts. The benefit of a needle in most applications is that it can pierce the skin and veins or arteries. While this aids other medical procedures, it can hamper cosmetic procedures. Dermal fillers need to be accurately placed around structures like veins and arteries, and the consequences of inadvertent injection of a filler into a blood vessel can be serious. Puncturing a vein or artery — even if no filler is introduced into it — also produces adverse side effects such as excessive bleeding and swelling. Needles also have other shortcomings in cosmetic applications. Often, needles can be too short and stiff to reach the desired treatment areas adequately, which means, even in the hands of the most skilled doctor, your results could be less satisfactory than they could be.

How a Microcannula Differs From a Needle

By contrast, a microcannula has many structural differences from a needle which can benefit virtually all patients. A microcannula is a long, blunt-tipped tube which on its own cannot break the skin. A needle must be used to puncture the skin — and only puncture the skin — so that a microcannula can then be inserted into the treatment area and apply the filler. In most cases, a single entry point can be used multiple times for re-insertion of the microcannula as necessary, so that patients will not need to have a needle placed multiple times. Fewer punctures mean less pain. Microcannulae are, in most instances, often also longer than needles, which also makes them different from and more useful than needles in some contexts.

The Advantages of Using a Microcannula for Your Dermal Filler Treatment

The advantages of a microcannula over a needle may already seem clear. While a microcannula will still require a needle to make an entry point into the skin, a microcannula, because of its blunt tip, will not break veins or arteries, and as a result, it will produce far less bruising and swelling than a needle used for the same purpose will. Reusable entry points also mean less pain for patients, although dermal fillers already have only mild pain as a side effect. This also makes a microcannula safer for the application of dermal fillers, since the chances of any of the dermal filler entering the bloodstream become increasingly remote. A microcannula’s flexibility also allows your doctor to apply the dermal fillers more carefully around your skin’s underlying structures. Through the microcannula, your doctor can feel any “resistance” which will allow her to avoid unnecessary damage to them. These factors make it easier for your doctor to achieve more precise and natural results, safely, without suffering from the limitations of a more inflexible needle. Also, because microcannula are generally longer, they can reach more areas more easily than their shorter needle alternatives. Overall, this will lead to more even and qualitatively better results after your treatment. Use of a microcannula can, therefore, be the difference between a good cosmetic result and an outstanding one and will always keep you safer.

When Having Dermal Fillers, Experience Matters, and You Can Trust Kaya Cosmedica

Dr Parvin Khinda of Kaya Cosmedica understands the importance not only of great results but also of patient safety during any procedure, cosmetic or otherwise. Dr Khinda’s training as a physician has taught her the value and skills required to deliver the highest levels of patient care and long-term health along with results which will provide lasting enjoyment and wellbeing. For this reason, Dr Khinda uses microcannulae exclusively in her practice when providing dermal filler treatments. Further, Dr Khinda gives her patients ample attention as well as the needs and concerns which bring them to her practice. Patients can expect a highly-tailored and customised course of treatment from Dr Khinda that will improve their skin and also their personal vibrancy. To learn more about dermal fillers and additional skin care options, schedule your complimentary in-person appointment with Dr Khinda today. You can easily make your appointments online. Dr Khinda looks forward to offering you the personalised care and high-quality skin treatments you deserve, so you can enjoy a more youthful look and feel ready to conquer anything.
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