Reversing Dermal Filler Injections: How Does It Work?

Dermal fillers are an excellent, widely performed injectable procedure that helps to restore volume and re-contour areas of the face that diminish over time. While results are usually positive, dermal fillers can sometimes produce an undesired aesthetic outcome or harmful side effects. Such issues may include incorrect placement, over-injection, asymmetrical injection, discolouration, or the formation of lumps. Fortunately, when performed by an experienced doctor, dermal filler revisions or corrections are a safe and comfortable procedure that can correct issues or effects caused by dermal fillers. Highly experienced practitioner Dr Khinda of Kaya Cosmedica performs the reversal procedure for patients who are unhappy with their results or require correction for health reasons.

How Does the Reversal Procedure Work?

Most modern dermal fillers are composed primarily of Hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring constituent in our bodies. This gel-like molecule is a moisture-binding ingredient that helps to keep skin plump and hydrated, supports the production of collagen, and maintains skin elasticity. As well as being the main ingredient of most cosmetic fillers, Hyaluronic acid is what gives our skin its softness and our joints their fluidity. In cases where dermal fillers have produced an undesired or harmful result, a reversal agent called Hyaluronidase is injected into the skin to dissolve the filler. Hyaluronidase is a naturally occurring enzyme in the body that works to break down Hyaluronic acid, supporting its rapid and constant turnover. The enzyme catalyses the dissolution of the filler, reversing its effect without causing harm to the skin surface or dermal structure. Like any medication, there is a risk of allergy, which is why a thorough consultation is important before undergoing a filler correction procedure. It is important to note that for “permanent” fillers formulated with ingredients other than Hyaluronic acid, there are no reversal agents that can undo them. For patients unhappy with their permanent fillers, in some cases Dr Khinda can potentially help improve the appearance of your results through strategically placing additional fillers to balance out your features.

Why Consider Reversing Your Dermal Fillers?

There are several reasons you may wish to undergo a reversal procedure. Whether you have experienced side effects or are merely unhappy with your results, reversing your fillers will essentially undo the outcome and revert your face to its natural appearance. The most common reasons for reversing dermal fillers include:
  • Dissatisfaction – the filler has not produced your desired outcome, or you are disappointed with the result.
  • Incorrect placement – this may lead to an unexpected or unnatural-looking result.
  • Over-injection – too much filler can cause an unnatural or ‘overdone’ look.
  • Asymmetrical results – the filler has been placed asymmetrically in your face, disturbing the natural contour or creating an unbalanced or irregular appearance.
  • Lumps – though rare, dermal fillers can lead to the formation of bumps or lumps on the face.
  • Discolouration, known as Tyndall’s effect – if the filler has been injected too superficially into the skin, light to dark blue discolouration may appear (most commonly around the eye area).
  • Infection or granuloma – the filler may cause a harmful bodily reaction; in which case the filler must be dissolved to prevent the infection from spreading.
  • Emergency arterial occlusion – while this is rare, a filler that has been injected too close to an artery may cause a blockage, resulting in blanched, white or mottled skin, indicating a lack of blood supply.
Dermal fillers boast a long record of safety when delivered by a qualified cosmetic injector. Though these problems are rare, it is essential to seek treatment if you experience any of these side effects or conditions. The reversal procedure must be performed by a highly trained cosmetic doctor with a sound knowledge of the facial anatomy to achieve the safest and most accurate result. Drawing on years of experience and a sharp aesthetic vision, Dr Khinda performs the reversal procedure to amend these issues and encourage you to achieve a healthier, more effective facial enhancement.

Schedule A Consultation

When considering any type of cosmetic treatment, consulting a qualified and experienced cosmetic doctor is the most crucial step you can take. This can help you achieve the safest, most satisfying and aesthetically pleasing result, and can significantly reduce the risk of complications occurring. However, every procedure carries a certain amount of risk, so it is essential to be aware of the potential side effects and how they are treated. While it can be disheartening to experience side effects or undesired results, Dr Khinda believes in finding the solution that works best for your skin and facial structure. At Kaya Cosmedica, Dr Khinda performs all consultations and treatments, taking the time to assess your health and medical history and identify any risk factors before proceeding with treatment. After understanding your concerns and reasons for treatment, Dr Khinda will create a procedural plan that is tailored to your needs, desires and unique facial structure. She draws on highly advanced techniques and a sharp aesthetic vision to restore balance to your profile while working towards your most confident self. If you have experienced adverse side effects or you are unhappy with the result of your dermal filler procedure, schedule an appointment online or fill out our contact form to find out how Dr Khinda can lead you toward a happier and healthier result.
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