Dr PK’s Top wedding preparation tips!

While it may be months before your wedding Dr PK lets us know why now is the right time to start getting your skin wedding ready. For our patients at Kaya Cosmedica, we provide tailored treatment regimes that are perfect for your needs and timeline. Let us do the planning for you! As preparing for […]

Which Acne Treatment Is the Best?

Close-up of a person's face focusing on the nose and cheeks, overlaid with a digital constellation pattern and the text "kaya cosmedica." The skin texture is visible and detailed, highlighting

Acne is a complex condition with a variety of contributing factors and triggers. While some mild cases can be treated with good hygiene and over-the-counter products, the journey to clear skin can be long for patients with moderate and severe acne.  We understand the frustration that comes with trying to manage difficult breakouts. Study after […]

What Are My Treatment Options for Acne and Acne Scarring?

From over-the-counter cleansers and spot treatments, to powerful prescription medicines and in-office procedures, there are many effective acne treatments today. This does not mean that every solution works for every person who has acne, but it does mean that nearly every case of acne can be controlled when the right treatment approach is found. Those […]