Rejuvaderm Home Roller


Suitable for: all skin types

Suitable for pregnancy: Y

Post treatment: N

Directions: Roll firmly and evenly over face and neck prior to applying serums, working back and forth 4 times in each direction.

– First time users should start with the 0.25mm then advance to the 0.50mm after 6 to 9 months.

– This device is not to be shared.

– Rinse thoroughly after each use. Clean only the head of the roller once a week using a gentle antibacterial solution such as Milton (do not soak). Allow device to dry completely.

– Replace every 9-12 months.

Products to use with for best results: Super serum, Vitamin B , hyalavive

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The Home Roller is an at-home device made of fine, shallow, polymerised needles that create pain-free ‘microchannels’ in the skin surface. It’s simple science that can improve the performance of your skincare. The Home Roller aids the passage of active ingredients through the outer layer of skin, allowing serums to penetrate directly into the target zone. Daily use will assist and improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and texture, and address signs of hyperpigmentation and fine lines. The Home Roller improves penetration of active ingredients by up to 40x more effectively than simply massaging the serum directly into your skin. The needles are 100% compatible with human skin and extremely comfortable compared to home rollers made of metal. Available in 0.25mm or 0.5mm length. *First time users should start with the 0.25mm for a more gentle option then advance to the 0.5mm after 6 to 9 months. We recommend the 0.5mm for those wanting to step up their daily routine and maximise the penetration of active ingredients.

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