ÜberZinc Body

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Suitable for: All skin types

Pregnancy safe: Y

Post treatment: Y

Directions: Apply UberZinc Body liberally and evenly to all unprotected areas of the skin such as the neck, chest, and back of your hands as your daily light broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Products to use with for best results: B-Juvenate


ÜberZinc Body is recommended for gentle protection and hydration for body areas exposed to UV light during normal daily activities. Unlike traditional natural sun protectors, ÜberZinc Body offers 100% physical mineral protection in an elegant, non-greasy and hydrating lotion formula.

ÜberZinc Body combines the UVA/B protective and healing qualities of 25% zinc oxide with added antioxidant and UVB/blue light protective tomato skin extract (lycopene).

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