Natural Facial Rejuvenation Is Possible

Certain components of a cosmetic procedure are non-negotiable. First and foremost, you expect a safe procedure performed by a doctor who understands your goals and anatomy and who can safely administer your treatment to achieve those results. Another crucial facet of any cosmetic procedure is the quality of your results. How closely does the end result match your expectations? And does the result honour your natural facial features — the qualities that make you attractive and unique — rather than alter or mask them? In short, do your results look natural? Cosmetic procedures today give individuals many options to achieve the most natural look possible. For example, many dermal fillers on the market today come in carefully-formulated consistencies designed to enhance specific areas on the face, helping patients avoid a one-size-fits-all solution. However, even the most appropriate filler for your concern area will not guarantee an ideal outcome alone. Obtaining the most natural results will require your doctor’s knowledge of anatomy, experience with the procedure and thorough understanding of your cosmetic goals. These factors become even more critical if you are older. You may need more rejuvenation in more facial areas to obtain your desired results, but merely applying more filler to these areas is not an optimal solution. Since you may require a more comprehensive treatment solution, the choice of fillers used, their amounts and the unique qualities that each one can provide play an even more significant and more important role in your facial appearance after treatment and your ultimate satisfaction.

A Natural Look Depends on Having the Right Fillers

If during your consultation your doctor tells you that you can address all of your concerns areas with a single dermal filler, you may want to have them justify this recommendation. While, in some cases, this may be true, most patients will be better served by having fillers which have been designed to treat individual facial areas. All injectables aren’t made the same, and despite their similarities, they are not interchangeable. For example, dermal fillers which have been designed to treat the lips generally consist of a much more hydrating filler resulting in a more plump voluminous lip, or if one requires a more subtle lip, a different less hydrating filler is used, to create an individualised natural result. Similarly, you can have finer/less viscous dermal fillers designed specifically to treat the “11” lines between the brows and the dynamic folds and smoker’s lines which appear around the mouth. While dermal filler manufacturers tend to make product lines which include a filler intended for each concern area, you still may be better served by having different brands of dermal fillers for different areas since some will provide you with a better result than others. When crafting a recommendation for your treatment, your doctor should show particular concern towards both the amount and quality of volume you wish to have and recommend fillers which are ideal for each individual area and which can deliver those results.

A Doctor With Deep Knowledge of the Anatomy of Ageing Can Also Help Enhance Your Results

 Regardless of which fillers you select, the knowledge and experience of your doctor are tantamount to achieving your ideal results. It is your doctor’s intimate knowledge not only of the facial structures being improved but also of your specific facial structures and ageing symptoms that make a quality result possible. A qualified and trained physician with detailed knowledge of human facial anatomy and what changes occur with ageing is crucial to delivering any treatments to the face and especially cosmetic treatments. It is this knowledge that makes your doctor more effective when injecting dermal fillers because they will fully understand the impact that the fillers will have once introduced into your specific concern areas. Their knowledge of and experience with the procedure also matters. For example, look for a doctor who is skilled in performing dermal filler treatments both using a cannula or needles depending on the treatment area. A cannula — a flexible, blunt-tipped tube — offers substantial benefits over a needle at times, which is the more traditional option for injecting fillers. A doctor with detailed anatomical knowledge will know that injecting dermal fillers with a cannula will provide several benefits to the patient. A cannula has less risk of damaging the underlying structures of the skin. There is less risk of injuring blood vessels, resulting in less risk of bleeding, bruising and swelling. Finally, use of a cannula can also result in a more natural lookIt is knowledge like this that will result in a safer procedure with qualitatively better results.

The Premium You Pay Will Show in Your Results 

Cost will always play a role when you consider whether or not to have a cosmetic treatment, as it will with any major decision you make. Very few people considering a cosmetic procedure can afford to dismiss the costs. This is true even with cosmetic treatments. While cosmetic treatments tend to cost much less than more invasive facial rejuvenation options, individuals who elect to have fillers will have the costs of follow-up treatments to consider, which are necessary to maintain their results, and these costs can add up. However, is choosing a lower-cost dermal filler or treatment provider the best way to save money? You want to look your best, have a safe procedure and avoid more costly and invasive options. You also want to avoid having to have your procedure redone because you didn’t get the results you wanted the first time. Choosing premium fillers, having all of your necessary follow-ups and choosing a reputable and best-in-class provider will cost more than some of the alternatives. However, when you consider the prominent nature of these cosmetic improvements, the qualitative differences between fillers and the peace of mind you can have by selecting a qualified physician, most patients find the marginal extra costs more than worth it.

Kaya Cosmedica offers quality dermal filler options and cosmetic and medical expertise — so you can look younger and healthier without the worry

Dr Khinda of Kaya Cosmedica understands the importance of great results, but she also prioritises patient safety during all the cosmetic procedures she performs. Dr Khinda’s training as a medical physician has given her the requisite skills to do so and also taught her the value of offering the highest levels of patient care. As a result, you can expect both long-term health as well as results which will provide lasting enjoyment after every Kaya Cosmedica treatment. To help ensure this result for her patients, Dr Khinda uses cannulae the majority of the time, rather than needles when providing dermal filler treatments. Further, Dr Khinda gives her patients ample, personal attention when they visit her practice. From this very personal patient-doctor relationship comes the highly-tailored, customised course of treatment that will provide her patients with the optimum skin improvements and personal vibrancy. Schedule your in-person consultation with Dr Khinda today to learn more about dermal fillers as well as other quality skin care options. You can easily make an appointment with Dr Khinda online. Come to Kaya Cosmedica and enjoy the personalised care and high-quality skin treatments you deserve. Before long, you’ll feel ready to conquer anything again.
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