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Before and after close-up images of a woman's lower face showing improvement in lip enhancement and skin texture. The photos are labeled "Kaya Cosmedica.

The development of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, including dermal fillers, has seen an increasing number of men and women able to seek treatments that enhance their features without the need for surgery. If your lips are lacking fullness and definition, several procedures are available to add volume to your lips. Amongst the most popular of these treatments are injectable fillers to plump up the pout and give your face more attractive proportions.

Lip augmentation procedures use injectable fillers to add volume to your lips, creating a more youthful and sensual appearance. Little downtime is needed, and improvements are noticeable immediately after treatment. If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your lips or are experiencing a loss of volume due to ageing, lip augmentation may be the procedure you are looking for.


15 minutes




Swelling and bruising possible for up to 5 days


12-18 months


Loss of lip volume


What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are a cosmetic treatment that involves using dermal fillers, that are injected into the lip to add volume, definition, shape and balance. The most common type of filler used in lip augmentation treatments are hyaluronic acid fillers. This gel like substance is a naturally occurring substance in the body and attracts and binds water providing plumpness and hydration. At Kaya Cosmedica in South Melbourne we utilise two techniques – using a dermal cannula and needle technique.

Close-up comparison image of a woman's lips before and after lip augmentation, showing enhanced smoothness and reduced wrinkles post-treatment. The clinic's name, Kaya Cosmedica, is watermarked

What Can Lip Fillers Improve?

There are a variety of reasons Kaya Cosmedica patients seek lip enhancement through injectable dermal fillers. Some have naturally thin lips and wish to add volume for fuller lips, to balance facial proportions. Some people have naturally uneven lips, and wish to correct asymmetry and achieve better balance or proportions.

With the ageing process, lip volume decreases and fine lines develop around the mouth. Injectable fillers to the lip offer anti-ageing benefits that can restore a more youthful appearance. Genetics, environmental factors, lifestyle choices and the natural ageing process lead to a number of changes to the lips and the skin around the mouth, including volume loss, reduced projection of the cupid’s bow, loss of definition at the vermilion border and the development of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lip fillers are a popular and safe lip enhancement procedure that can offer attractive results for patients of all ages. Common indications for dermal lip fillers include:

  • Volume enhancement
  • Restore fullness and definition to ageing lips
  • Highlight and define the borders of lips
  • Improve the lip shape or correct asymmetry
  • Enhance the Cupid’s bow
  • Improve the balance between lips and other facial features
  • Reduce fine lines (“lipstick lines” or “smoker’s lines”) surrounding the lips
  • To correct lip scars oar irregularities of the lips

What Ingredients Are Used In Lip Fillers?

The fillers used in lip augmentations are formulated with a modified form of a molecule that occurs naturally in your body. It is a type of sugar, known as hyaluronic acid, that is found primarily in your skin tissue and cartilage. Hyaluronic acids have an incredible ability to bind to water. In fact, a single molecule can retain nearly 1,000 times its own weight in water, making it an excellent hydrator that nourishes your skin. When bound to water, these molecules create a viscous gel that moisturises and lubricates everything from your skin to your joints and eyes.

As a key element of injectable fillers, this ingredient provides necessary support to the underlying dermis to plump the lips and smooth away wrinkles from the inside out. Serious complications are rare, as it mimics a naturally occurring substance in the body, and the fillers are easily absorbed by the body over a period of months. Fillers also contain a local anaesthetic to reduce any pain or discomfort during treatment significantly.

Close-up comparison of a woman's lower face, before and after cosmetic treatment, showing improved skin texture and reduced imperfections around the mouth and chin area, including lip enhancement.
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Where To Get Natural Lip Enhancement In South Melbourne

Whether you are seeking a way to address lip shape, asymmetry or volume, injectable lip filler treatments may be the solution. By using advanced techniques, Dr Khinda can provide patients a more positive, comfortable treatment experience. Dr Khinda’s career has spanned multiple fields of medicine, including women’s health and emergency medicine, but her primary focus is cosmetic medicine. This specialty allows Dr Khinda to combine her passion for aesthetics with her passion for transforming patient’s lives through medicine. In her personal life, Dr Khinda continues to hone her aesthetic eye through her interests in art, interior design, and architecture.

Combining years of experience with her artistic sensibility, Dr Khinda delivers beautiful, natural, customised results to complement each patient’s unique features. She is particularly interested in nonsurgical anti-ageing treatments and rejuvenation techniques, including dermal filler injections for lip augmentation, anti-wrinkle injections, laser treatments, and other facial enhancements.

To explore your options for lip augmentation in South Melbourne, call Kaya Cosmedica today at 03 9329 9991 or use our convenient online booking system to schedule a consultation.