Pure-C Crystals

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Suitable for:All skin types

Pregnancy safe: Y

Directions: Using the spatula provided, dispense 1 heaped scoop of Pure-C Crystals powder into the palm of your hand and dissolve with 4 drops of water.

Alternatively, mix the Pure-C Crystals powder with your recommended Synergie serums (1:4 ratio) for targeted results:

SuperSerum+ (anti-ageing)
HydroGel (oily skin)
ReVeal (dull, sun-damaged skin)
EnLighten (pigmentation concerns)
Do not combine with retinol or niacinamide serums. If you have a known sensitivity to acidic products, introduce Pure-C Crystals slowly over 3 weeks to allow the skin to acclimatise.

Products to use for best results: Superserum, reveal, enlighten


L-ascorbic acid and alpha lipoic acid are a powerful antioxidant team. L-ascorbic acid crystals, which are stable and free of water, are regarded as the purest form of topical vitamin C. This is a crucial component of all skincare regimens because of its high antioxidant, skin-brightening, and age-defying effects.

L-ascorbic acid is unstable as a water-based serum or cream and will have a short period of effectiveness. But when using the pure L-ascorbic acid crystals in a powder form, the Vitamin C is activated only when a liquid component is added, this way the ingredient is always active for maximum activity on the target cells.

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