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Suitable for: Oily, combination, normal skin

Pregnancy safe: Y

Post treatment: N

Directions: Apply one pump over face and neck. Follow with solar protection in the morning.

For general exfoliation, use daily or three times weekly for moderate acne and sun damage. Do not mix with retinol and niacinamide serums.

Products to use with for best results: Priority B, Advanced vitmain A, ultracleanse


AHA/BHA exfoliating serum that improves texture, tone and hydration.

An advanced exfoliation serum designed to improve skin texture and luminosity. This potent formula contains a blend of over 20% AHA/ BHA active ingredients including lactic, malic and salicylic acid, and is specifically designed to:

– Improve surface skin texture
– Remove dead surface cells
– Reduce uneven skin tone
– Decongest pores and reduce the appearance of acne blemishes
– Enhance the penetration of other active ingredients of your skin routine
– Increase the moisture factors in the skin

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