Dr PK’s Top wedding preparation tips!

While it may be months before your wedding Dr PK lets us know why now is the right time to start getting your skin wedding ready.

For our patients at Kaya Cosmedica, we provide tailored treatment regimes that are perfect for your needs and timeline. Let us do the planning for you!

As preparing for a wedding can be stressful, we want to ensure you feel your best on your big day and we want strive to make it as easy for you as can be!

Here are some tips for preparing for these treatments: It’s important to:

  1. Start Early.
  2. Consult with a Professional.
  3. Consider your timeline.
  4. Don’t forget about skincare.
  5. Be realistic.

Dr PK has put together an example wedding prep timeline below.

6 months out:

Especially if its your first time getting injectables – use fillers to balance proportions and create volume, and anti wrinkle injections to smoothen out fine lines and soften expressions. Fillers can take up to 4 weeks to integrate, and may need additional visits to achieve results. Anti wrinkle injections take 2-3 weeks to take effect, and last 3 months – it’s worthwhile trialing it out 4-6 months prior to fine tune results.

4 months out:

I would optimise your skincare routine and start treating any skin issues like breakouts/acne, pigmentation, redness. Treatments with lasers and peels involve a series of treatments to see results.

I would include skin treatments such as bio-remodellers to increase skin hydration and luminosity (Bioremodelling Injectable) at least 3 months prior.

4-6 weeks prior:

Review injectables and treat accordingly.

2 weeks prior:

Medifacial and LED which can be repeated a few days prior to the wedding.

We love working with patients towards important and exciting dates. If you are interested in working together with our team, let’s start today! Book an appointment.

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