Lip Filler vs. Lip Flip

It’s hard not to admire the full, expressive lips of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian and Angelina Jolie. Even if you won’t be attending the Oscars anytime soon, you can still have that glam red carpet look — it’s as simple as an injectable. Here at Kaya Cosmedica, we offer two injectable lip augmentation procedures: a lip flip and lip fillers. Both can enhance your natural lips beautifully and last for months, so which treatment is right for you? Let’s find out…

Lip Filler vs. Lip Flip: The Purpose

At their most basic level, these two popular treatments have the same goal: enhancing your lips. But once we dig deeper, we see that how they achieve that goal is different, and the outcome is slightly different as a result. Lip filler lives up to its name. It is used to fill one or both lips, making them fuller and poutier while smoothing the lines on and around them. There is no illusion — filler actually changes the shape and size of your lips. A simple way to think about it is that dermal fillers are all about volume. A lip flip affects the top lip only, and because it uses anti-wrinkle injections, it works by affecting muscle movement. There is no actual change in size, but because it causes the upper lip to flip upward, it can create the illusion of more volume.

Lip Filler vs. Lip Flip: The Injectable

Dermal fillers come in many formulations, some of which are specifically designed for lip augmentation. All fillers available at Kaya Cosmedica are made from a water-attracting substance found naturally in the skin. When this ingredient is injected into the lips, it draws water to the area to enhance volume, moisture and softness. A lip flip is performed with anti-wrinkle injections, which are also available in a few different formulations under different brand names. All wrinkle-relaxers contain a purified form of a naturally occurring toxin. When injected into a muscle, the toxin temporarily stops the muscle from contracting. A lip flip amplifies the natural shape of your lips by allowing the upper lip to relax and flip outward.

Lip Filler vs. Lip Flip: The Uses

Why are dermal fillers getting so much love these days? There are many reasons, but one big reason is their versatility. In addition to adding volume to the lips, they can smooth out lip wrinkles, add definition to the lip borders, enhance the cupid’s bow, reduce asymmetry and improve lip hydration (not to mention all the things they can do elsewhere in the face and the backs of the hands!). Anti-wrinkle injections are a little more limited when it comes to lip treatments, but that doesn’t mean they can’t offer beautiful results. Beyond the lip flip, they can be used to minimise vertical lip lines (aka smoker’s lines or lipstick lines) or treat a ‘gummy smile’ (excessive show of gum above teeth while smiling). Just like dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections have many applications in other areas — even therapeutic uses.

Lip Filler vs. Lip Flip: The Cost

Every injectable treatment is customised, so it’s impossible to provide an exact cost without a consultation. In general, however, individual lip flip treatments tend to cost less than individual dermal filler treatments, as less product is required to achieve results. We also advise patients to factor in long-term upkeep when considering their treatment options. Fillers last longer than anti-wrinkle injections, so although an individual lip flip treatment may be less expensive, the cost of maintaining a lip flip over time can add up. The verdict: this one’s a draw. Talk to your provider to determine what makes the most sense for your budget and your desired results.

Lip Filler vs. Lip Flip: The Injector

No matter which injectable treatment you choose, this part never changes: you should only work with an experienced injector at a trusted cosmetic practice. At Kaya Cosmedica, we believe choosing a cosmetic doctor for a lip flip or lip filler treatment ensures the most satisfying experience. Dr Parvin Khinda performs all lip enhancement injections at our South Melbourne skin clinic.

Lip Filler vs. Lip Flip: The Procedure

You can expect a similar experience regardless of which kind of injectable lip augmentation you choose. Every treatment at Kaya Cosmedica begins with a consultation. This allows Dr PK to get to know you and your goals so that she can personalise your treatment plan. She will then begin the procedure by cleansing your skin, marking the optimal injection points and applying topical anaesthetic if applicable. For lip augmentation, dermal fillers are injected into the lips below the skin surface. For a lip flip, anti-wrinkle injections are administered into the muscle above the upper lip. Dr PK uses a fine needle or cannula for injectable treatments for greater precision and maximum patient comfort.

Lip Filler vs. Lip Flip: The Recovery

Hello, major benefit of injectables — little to no downtime! Lip filler and lip flips are both convenient in-office procedures that let you get back to your routine straight away. In fact, some patients come in on their lunch hour and return to work immediately after! Redness and swelling can occur after any cosmetic injections, though they are usually mild. Less frequently, bruising may also occur. All of these effects are temporary and resolve without treatment. To minimise side effects, Dr PK will provide you with aftercare instructions. These may include avoiding intense heat, vigorous exercise, makeup application and rubbing the injected area.

Lip Filler vs. Lip Flip: The Onset of Results

In a hurry to enjoy your luscious new lips? Lip filler gives you an instant boost. Your lips will look fuller and smoother the second your appointment is over, though you’ll need to wait a little longer to see the true final result. It can take up to four weeks for the filler to integrate fully into your natural lip tissue. A lip flip does not create immediate results. Anti-wrinkle injections can start to make a visible difference in three to five days after treatment and reach their optimal effect in up to two weeks. If you have an important event on the horizon, we recommend scheduling your injectable appointment at our South Melbourne cosmetic practice with these timelines in mind.

Lip Filler vs. Lip Flip: The Longevity

Neither a lip flip nor lip filler will give you permanent results, but both can offer beautiful improvements that last for months. The longevity of dermal filler can vary quite a lot — six to 18 months! — depending on which product is used. As a general rule, fillers tend to last less time in the lips due to the high amount of movement in the area. Some fillers made specifically for the lips account for this. Compared to a lip flip, fillers provide a longer-lasting, more consistent look (up to one year). Anti-wrinkle injections last three to four months for most people when used as an anti-ageing treatment. However, because the mouth is a high-movement area, the effects of this treatment also tend to fade faster. Patients can expect to enjoy a lip flip for approximately six weeks.

Lip Filler vs. Lip Flip: The Reversibility

Don’t love your results as much as you thought you would? Or just ready to try something new? Lip filler is reversible. By injecting an enzyme called hyaluronidase into the area, we can rapidly dissolve the filler, and your lips will go back to their natural size and shape. Anti-wrinkle injections cannot be reversed. The treatment must be left to wear off on its own in about six weeks or so.

The Bottom Line — Book a Consultation at Kaya Cosmedica!

So which lip augmentation option is best? Overall, it depends on your ideal lip shape, desired level of fullness and preferred amount of upkeep, as well as your natural lip anatomy. The one you choose is up to you! Or, if you’re looking for added volume plus more control over the shape of your lips, then a combination of both treatments may be best to achieve your goals. For a knowledgeable discussion of your options for a lip flip or lip fillers in South Melbourne, request an appointment with Dr PK at Kaya Cosmedica.
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